The Field Mice – Snowball

I love The Field Mice.  No, it’s more profound than that.  If I could choose a song that makes me very reflective and dance like a shoegazer, it would be ’This is not Here’. No, if I had to explain to an alien about shoegazing; that would be the song I would use. It has everything and more (namely a harpsichord).  I will add that this is my own personal opinion. I can feel the wrath of every My Bloody Valentine fan.

The Field Mice were only together 3 years.  This does not reflect in the quality or quantity of their output. Without them Sarah Records would be even more obscure. They were the flagship of Sarah Records. Their label mates, such as 14 Iced Bears and St Christopher probably would not even be heard of without them.

After their untimely departure, the first three Belle and Sebastian albums filled the void left by The Field Mice for a while.  Then the world moved away from sensitive and whimsical pop.

The Field Mice : Snowball + Singles (2005 reissue)


 Let’s Kiss And Make Up
You’re Kidding Aren’t You?
End Of The Affair
Couldn’t Feel Safer
This Love Is Not Wrong
Everything About You
Letting Go
When Morning Comes To Town
Emma’s House
When You Sleep
Fabulous Friend
The Last Letter
I Can See Myself Alone Forever
Everything About You
That’s All This Is

One thought on “The Field Mice – Snowball

  1. God almighty, this album is so addictive, it’s got such poise for a twee album, it’s delightful. The songwriting is sensible and I think the drumming is excellent. This should be an example for the importance of restraint in music.

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