Talulah Gosh – Backwash

Yesterday I felt so sad…
I lost my Pastels Badge

This is a world a million miles from today’s music. A world that is filled with anoraks, fanzines and enamel badges. Labelled as cutie, twee, with tra-la-la harmonies and by the standard of today’s music image spin doctors absolutely amateur.  Part of the endearing quality of Talulah Gosh is its shambolic amateurishness. They were formed in 1985 when economics student Amelia Fletcher and struggling artist Elizabeth Price met at an Oxford indie disco; both were wearing Pastels badges, and they decided to form their own group. Their shambling music style influenced Belle and Sebastian.  Backwash is a compilation of the complete recorded works of Talulah Gosh, it includes live recordings and radio sessions.

Talulah Gosh – Backwash


Beatnik Boy
My Best Friend
Steaming Train
Just A Dream
Talulah Gosh
Don’t Go Away
Escalator Over The Hill
My Boy Says
Way Of The World
Testcard Girl
Bringing Up Baby
I Can’t Get No Satisfaction (Thank God)
The Girl With The Strawberry Hair
Talulah Gosh (Radio Session Version)
Do You Remember
Looking For A Rainbow
Sunny Inside
My World’s Ending
Be Your Baby
Break Your Face
She In Love For The Very First Time
Spearmint Head
I Told You So
Pastels Badge
Rubber Ball

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