Spitfire – Feverish

For a very short time my musical life was set alight by Spitfire.  In a very Ride way they released their first two EPs as a mini album. Their music was a retro indie, which is probably best shown in their cover of the theme from ’Six Million Dollar Man’.

They had an ironic Rock and Roll image. This was their downfall. You can have a laugh, but there is taking it too far. When I saw them they had a couple of dancing girls in catsuits that appeared at the beginning and end of the set.

At the time the Spitfire look was very easy to achieve.  If you walked into any charity shop and grabbed yourself a leather hacking jacket, you were there.  This was in the days before the over priced ’vintage’ clothes shops.

Spitfire : Feverish


Six Million Dollar Man

4 thoughts on “Spitfire – Feverish

  1. I bought this album back in the days when you didn’t know what you were buying at the record shop and would be SURPRISED…needless to say I loved this album!!

  2. spitfire were the 1st live band i saw supporting blur in 91 at leeds poly. i always wondered what the records sounded like

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