The Mock Turtles – Turtle Soup

It is unfortunate that The Mock Turtles are only remembered for one song, they had much more to offer than that.  After years of gigging they had success with Can You Dig It.  This for a short time only put them with the stars of the Madchester baggy scene. The follow-ups to the single were not so warmly received. Nothing could recreate the success radio-friendly chart hit.

The album is a very well-written, catchy pop album. With numerous stand out moments, Kathy Come Home, Oh Helen How and Head Run Wild.  These could have all been singles, and are very memorable pop songs.

The Turtles split and reformed under different names. Songwriter Martin Coogan wrote songs for Tony Ferrino; played by brother Steve Coogan (best known as Alan Partridge).  Their swan song was revived for a vodaphone advert.

The Mock Turtles : Turtle Soup

Kathy Come Home  
Head Run Wild
Lay Me Down
Another Jesus Walks On Water
Oh Helen How?
How Does It Feel?
And Then She Smiles
The Willow Song
Mary’s Garden
Can You Dig It?
Wicker Man


One thought on “The Mock Turtles – Turtle Soup

  1. one hit wonder, but far better band than given credit for, this is a good baggy album, i suppose Can U Dig it made them a few quid as often used in adverts etc, I love Wicker Man and Kathy Come Home on this LP, in fact Can U Dig It rather gets on my nerves now, so skip that track, thanks for posting

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