The Dylans

It was The Dylans that motivated me to wear love beads during my teens.  At the time I didn’t realise that it was them.  All the other shoegazer fans were wearing beads.

The beads were not the only 60s pastiche they had. There music was laden with Hammond organ and wah. Combine this with the psychedelic lyrics and song titles Mary Quant in Blue, Sad Rush on Sunday and Particle Ride and you have all the ingredients for a great album.

I went to see The Dylans at the Bournemouth Hothouse and one of the band members was wearing a jumper with The Dylans lemon logo knitted on the front.  This did not inspire me to get my Gran to create a similar article.

The Dylans : The Dylans

She Drops Bombs 
Planet Love
I Hope The Weather Stays Fine
Sad Rush On Sunday
No Coming Down
Particle Ride
Ocean Wide
Mary Quant In Blue
Love To
Indian Sun

3 thoughts on “The Dylans

  1. Would it be possible to review or comment, on The Dylans – Spirit Finger LP ? It gets a lot
    of bad reviews. I love this group, and am very curious to know if it is as bad as some say !
    Thanks, Pat

  2. OMG The Dylans at the Hothouse! Such a great gig. We wondered who the ‘geek in glasses’ was, ordering drinks at the bar – turns out it was the lead singer – wish they would do a gig now. Spirit Finger doesn’t have the atmos as the other album – ie a bit flat – but still a great album to own … Dylans, if you can hear me, get gigging!

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