World Of Twist ‎– Sweets

Not content with just calling their debut album Quality Street, they have named even named one of their singles Sweets.

This CD single features mixes of the songs on Quality Street. Sweets in a lovely saccharine song that could’ve been written for Saint Etienne. My favourite is This Too Shall Pass Away (Chat), on this track the vocals have been completely stripped away and replaced with samples of people talking about garden sheds and Norman Wisdom.

World Of Twist : Sweets

SweetsSweets (Radio Edit)
This Too Shall Pass Away (Chat)
Sweets (Barratt 200 Mix)
The Storm (Original)

One thought on “World Of Twist ‎– Sweets

  1. remember picking up 12″ of The Storm from Warp Records Sheffield, had no idea what it would sound like, liked the cover and the fact it had a Rolling Stones song on flip) never saw them live ,but have a few tracks by them and the Quality Street album, The Storm is a great song

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