The High – Somewhere Soon

There was a time when if you came from Manchester, you were in a band, you had to be baggy. This probably helped to kick start the career of The High, but they were not baggy. In fact they were much better than most of the baggy bandwagon.  They were signed to London Records immediately after their first gig.

It was slightly incestuous the Manchester scene of the time.  Band members had already been around. Andy Couzens was in an early incarnation  of the  Stone  Roses and Chris  Goodwin  had played  in the  Inspiral Carpets.  I saw the High supporting the Inspiral Carpets at Poole Arts Centre.  Amusingly the lead singer John Matthews walked onstage and shouted, ’hello Huddersfield.’

Somewhere Soon could of been produced by Martin Hannett, but his drug problems prevented this.  So after Martin produced half of it John Williams did the whole lot again. The album is littered with tablas played by an additional percussionist Pandit Dinesh. Dinesh is a legend in the history of British Asian music.

Then the inevitable backlash came, the second album Hype never really took off at all. I cannot verify if the next statement is true, but I seem to remember reading this somewhere.  That during a particularly dull recording session John Matthews (I think he was the band member in the story) consumed a whole sheet of LSD and a bottle of brandy. This was to liven up the session. He institutionalised himself. People who saw him perform a couple of years later said that he looked like he had come back from ’nam’

Let that be a lesson to you all.

The High : Somewhere Soon

Box Set Go  
Take Your Time
This Is My World
Rather Be Marsanne
So I Can See
A Minor Turn
Dreams Of Dinesh
Up & Down
Somewhere Soon

One thought on “The High – Somewhere Soon

  1. pure class this band, this is a great album, love Up and Down, the lyrics and music of this band give me goose bumps, thanks for posting

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