Slowdive – Souvlaki

Slowdive were from Reading and firmly part of the Thames Valley scene. They added fuel to the ’scene that celebrates itself ’ by moonlighting in other bands. Lead singer Rachel Goswell did the backing vocals in Chapterhouse’s Pearl.

They were signed to Creation, who at that time seemed to have the best bands; Ride, My Bloody Valentine and The Telescopes. Allegedly the Gallagher brothers cut short Slowdive’s career. Apparently Oasis refused to sign to Creation if Slowdive weren’t dropped. Alan McGee obliged and Mojave 3 were formed.

Neil Halstead and Rachel Goswell lead a country infused Mojave 3. The third member incestuously was Simon Rowe from Chapterhouse.

I was always a Just For a Day fan. It reminds me of taking my GCSEs. Since I have revisited their work I am leaning towards Souvlaki. It has Brian Eno touches included. It shimmers and floats in layers of ethereal melodies. It is truly a dreamy piece of work.

Alison is an immense track, a single guitar note cuts through the song a minute in.  Machine Gun is definitely Eno influenced, it has a Cocteau Twins vocal appeal too.  The other classic from this album is When the Sun Hits, which is as close to a pop song as anything on this album.

Slowdive : Souvlaki

Machine Gun
Here She Comes
Souvlaki Space Station
When The Sun Hits
Melon Yellow
Some Velvet Morning
So Tired
Moussaka Chaos
In Mind
Good Day Sunshine
Missing You
Country Rain
In Mind (Bandulu Mix)
In Mind (Reload Mix)

2 thoughts on “Slowdive – Souvlaki

  1. only ever saw these once, couldn’t make my mind up then about them , was heavily in to Ride (still am) but I do like Slowdive now, must be an age thing !

  2. Thanks so much for the slipsteam and slowdive. I’ve had one album of each artist for years since I picked them out of a $1 Bin at the record shop. Now I’m looking forawrd to hearing some more of them. Thank You With Love

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