Swervedriver – Raise

Swervedriver by default were part of the Thames Valley scene, but they fitted a more metal scene. They formed in Oxford (home of Ride), from the ashes of several hardcore groups. Lead singer Adam Franklin had crusty style dreadlocks which made Swervedriver popular with that fraternity.  The subject matter of their songs showed a preoccupation with the American mid-west. Lyrics about pick-up trucks and highways dominated their debut album Raise.

Swervedriver : Raise

Son Of Mustang Ford
Deep Seat
Rave Down
Feel So Real
Lead Me Where You Dare…

2 thoughts on “Swervedriver – Raise

  1. great album and band, saw them a few times, Rave Down classic, “and there’s kids on the corner wanna beat box my brain to bits” awesome, cheers for sharing , love your blog

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