Chapterhouse – Blood Music

This was a very different album to what Chapterhouse’s fanbase were expecting, and it went against the music trends of the time.  If this niche of ambient, psychedelic, slightly techno, shoegaze became accepted then Chapterhouse, would have led the field.  I think it is important that band’s experiment, otherwise none of the great musical movements would of been founded. This would show that the bands own taste in music was diversifying.

The songs that they experiment with, is not a half-hearted leap into dance music; Chapterhouse embrace this sound. Yet there are some songs that still hark back to the indie safe haven. These were the ones that were released as singles, so She’s a Vision, Don’t Look Now and We Are The Beautiful, you would expect them to be on Whirlpool.  Although there are remixes of We Are Beautiful feature on this particular version of the album.

This description makes the album sound like a mish mash, but it flows together as a cohesive piece of work. At the end there is the truly epic Picnic. It is a 15 minute stormer, with long songs they can get repetitive for example Fools Gold or even Suicide by Spacemen 3; Picnic has many layers and facets, it rises and falls. This song is more like musical journey.

Chapterhouse : Blood Music

Don’t Look Now
There’s Still Life
We Are The Beautiful Summer’s Gone Everytime
On The Way To Fly She’s A Vision Greater Power Confusion Trip
Love Forever
We Are The Beautiful (Spooky’s Ugly As Sin Mix)
We Are The Beautiful (Spooky’s Extravaganja Dub Mix) Frost

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