The Field Mice – For Keeps

The first Field Mice album I brought and also what turned out to be their only full studio album. I had it on cassette from a French label called Danceteria, this was one of the few releases to make it onto cassette.
There are some of the finest work of The Field Mice on here: Five Moments, Tilting Windmills and one of my favourite songs of all time This is Not Here. A song that for me epitomises shoegazing and even has a harpsichord part in it. The whole album is blissfully beautiful. It includes the emotional duets with Annemari Davies and Bobby Wratten.

The Field Mice : For Keeps

Five Moments
Star Of David
Coach Station Reunion
This Is Not Here
Of The Perfect Kind
Tilting At Windmills
Think Of These Things
And Before The First Kiss
Freezing Point

One thought on “The Field Mice – For Keeps

  1. I had that cassette too. Probably purchased in the basement of Selectadisc in Nottingham, where I got quite a lot of tapes by Sarah bands. I’ve probably still got them somewhere, stuff by The Orchids, Harvest Ministers, Heavenly, The Hit Parade and I’m sure a few others.

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