Cud – Showbiz

Cud’s last album and by far their funkiest and most commercial.  The actual musicianship is as brilliant as always.  When I was listening to it the other day their was a shout from the lounge, “Is that Thin Lizzy yer listening to?”  The track in question was the opener Somebody Snatched my Action.

It is also the most well produced album.  This does not necessarily mean it is their best album.  It is a more mature, which means that there is no songs about Prawns in Whitby.  The songs do tend to sound the same maybe it was an album too far.  I probably prefer Showbiz to Asquarius, but it is no Leggy Mambo.  That does not mean that it is a naff album, any release by Cud would be above many of the indie also-rans that were about in the 90’s.

My favourite song on Showbiz is Sticks and Stones.  The expanded version has extra sessions and b-sides.  Listen to the b-side of Neurotica, 1 W.G.S.  It sounds like calypso music straight from an Andy Kershaw radio show.

Cud : Showbiz

Somebody Snatched My Action
Waving And Drowning
Sticks And Stones
The Mystery Deepens
Slip Away
One Giant Love
I Reek Of Chic
Not Necessarily Evil
You Lead Me
1 W.G.S.
My Need To Hurry
Ski Bum
Down The Plug
Here Come The Old Flames
Lighthouse Keeper
Let You Down
Take The Time And Read My Mind
Wanting Isn’t Getting
London Nearly Killed Me

(London Nearly Killed Me is untitled on the CD and not listed, the track name was found on the Cud website)

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