Grabbel and the Final Cut Live

02_Grabbel-Glasgow_27-Sep-2013I was fortunate enough to see Grabbel and the Final Cut at their first gig outside Germany; they appeared in Glasgow supporting the Close Lobsters. I received an email from the band; they said I was on the guest list for their UK performance. This was the first time ever that a band had invited me to a gig, and this is the first time ever I was on the guest list. I accepted their offer and embarked on the 450 mile journey from Exeter to Glasgow.

After an 8 hour train journey, I arrived in Glasgow. I checked in at the hotel and then made my way to Stereo, which was the venue. I went to the basement of Stereo where they were playing and I met the band. They asked me to introduce them, so I took to the stage.

‘Good Evening, you’re in for a treat tonight. Appearing for the first time out of their native Germany. I give you …Grabbel and the Final Cut.’

I half expected tumbleweed to start moving across the stage, but my introduction received applause and the band kicked in. There was a sizeable crowd present as the night was a triple bill and the other acts were The Wiseacres and the Close Lobsters. In the crowd were 5 hardcore fans that had followed the band from Germany, they were instantly recognisable from their Grabbel and the Final Cut t-shirts.

The band comprised of; Stefan Zachau (guitar, voice), Gernot Dornblüth (bass, voice), Sascha Kotzur (guitar) and Christian Grabowski (drums). They started their blazing set. There were many highlights of the set this included Oppa Yo! Which I think is a fantastic live song; it is set alright by powerful chords and Christian’s rapid drumming style, which sounds similar to Stephen Morris when he was in Joy Division. Feedback Party is another live favourite; it really got the audience going. The track bounces along at breakneck speed.

I have a huge soft spot for Psycho Popsong; this track is consistently part of their live set. It was great to see it performed live, it was the first song I heard by the band and it instantly set them head and shoulders above all the demos that I was being sent. Before I heard this, I never had reviewed or written about a ‘new’ release.

A new song made an appearance, In My Room. It starts off slow but towards the end, the song breaks. The band stops playing and only Sascha is left playing an extremely heavy riff. This was great to watch.

After the end of the set their long-term fans were happy and there were numerous converted souls. All who are looking forward to a new album (if In My Room is anything to go by) and another European (if not world) tour?

Photos by Christian Vermehren


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