Verve – The Verve EP

An American released self-titled EP from the Verve, which came out just before A Storm in Heaven.  It contains two of the band’s early singles and corresponding b-sides.  Only Gravity Grave made it onto an album, but this was a lengthy live version on the No Come Down compilation.

This is the Verve at their psychedelic, ethereal, tripped out peak.  Their later style was much harder than this, and it would not have the beautiful moody soundscapes that this EP delivers.  There is a divide in thought about the edited songs.  Some fans found the originals too self-indulgent, while others believed that you cannot interfere with a classic track.  A Man Called Sun for many Verve fans is the greatest thing they have ever done.

Verve : The Verve EP

Gravity Grave (Edit)
A Man Called Sun
She’s A Superstar (Edit)
Endless Life


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