Slowdive – Just for a Day

Just for a Day came out in the golden era of Creation Records. They had everything Boo Radleys, My Bloody Valentine, The Telescopes, Ride, Swervedriver, Primal Scream and Teenage Fanclub. It was definitely the best indie record label around. With 1991 was a high point in the shoegazing scene, Just for a Day is one of the soundtracks from those halcyon days.

It is all about atmosphere right from the beginning with Spanish Air, it has an aquatic feel which is prevalent throughout the album.  Just for a Day benefits from Rachel Goswell and Neil Halstead sharing the vocal duties, and when they duet in Catch the Breeze it is just beautiful.  Primal is a darker duet but it still shimmers, this was definitely a sign of Slowdives future direction.  Likewise, The Sadman happily floats along and without warning it deepens and darkens. Showing Slowdive were not afraid to move outside comfort zones. Using effects and walls of sound in contrast to gentle lyrics and melodies.

Slowdive were all in their early twenties when the album was made and it was a extremely mature and focused piece of work.

Spanish Air
Celia’s Dream
Catch The Breeze
Ballad Of Sister Sue
Erik’s Song
The Sadman

2 thoughts on “Slowdive – Just for a Day

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  2. With the reunion tour in full swing (got my tickets yesterday to the October 25 show in NYC!), would love to hear some more of the early Slowdive EP’s.

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