My Bloody Valentine – Ecstasy and Wine

The remastered My Bloody Valentine albums have an album of early EPs.  This does not feature Ecstasy and Wine, the compilation comprising of the Strawberry Wine single and the Ecstasy mini-album, both released in 1987. This is Belinda Butcher’s first appearance with the band.  Her airy ghostly vocals brought a new image.

It shows that My Bloody Valentine were still finding their identity.  They ditched the Cramps goth rock stylings and opted for a more C86 twee jangle-pop sound.  There is plenty of boy-girl cooing at each other in many of the songs.  Never Say Goodbye has the latter My Bloody Valentine feel, and is the standout song of the album.

Clair and (Please) Lose Yourself In Me  have a noisy feel and would eventually lead to the sound that is in You Made Me Realise. 

My Bloody Valentine : Ecstasy and Wine

Strawberry Wine115531765
Never Say Goodbye
Can I Touch You
She Loves You No Less
The Things I Miss
I Don’t Need You
(You’re) Safe In Your Sleep (From This Girl)
You’ve Got Nothing
(Please) Lose Yourself In Me

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