The Charlatans – Indian Rope

The Charlatans debut release, after a limited-edition EP almost similar to this one sold only at shows. It was released on their own Dead Dead Good record label.  It was shortly after they were snapped up by Beggar Banquet which is an offshoot of Situation Two records.

It was re-released in August 1991.  I seem to remember someone at school told me that The Charlatans had withdrawn the single from the charts. They just wanted it to be available to stop bootleggers.  Upon recent research the single charted at 57, back in 1991.  Now I’m unsure, why I was told it was not entered into the charts.

Burgess’s vocal are much more definite in their first single, and they are at the forefront of the production. Indian Rope is driven by Collins’s Hammond organ and some excellent drumming.  Who Wants to Know sounds like a sixties psychedelic Hammond freakout.  It’s important to remember that this was right at the beginning of the baggy scene, and nothing really sounded like this at all.

The Charlatans : Indian Rope

Indian Rope
You Can Talk To Me
Who Wants To Know


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