Drop Nineteens – Delaware

One of the few bands from America, that were in keeping with the very English shoegazing scene. They had all the hallmarks of their British counterparts, lush blurry guitars, almost inaudible vocals and a good dose of distortion. The Boston five piece’s debut album Delaware is quite catchy, with songs such as the classic debut Winona.

The vocal duties are split between Greg Ackell and Paula Kelley, this add to the schizophrenic quality of Delaware. It is often quiet and fuzzy and serenely surreal yet song like Happen and Reber-rymemberer are not unlike Sonic Youth and The Pixies. It also has a cover of the Madonna’s Angel, they take Pop Queen’s song and make it their own. It is a much better than the original. Another quirk in the album is Ease it Halen, which was created by stringing together Eddie Van song titles.

After Delaware hit the shops, the Drop Nineteens sunk largely without trace in the United States. They toured ‘Delaware’ in the UK headlining a tour with Winchester trio Revolver. The shoegazing era was over by the time of the album’s release. They did come back with another album National Coma, but once again failed to break into indie superstardom. They have often blamed former labelmates Smashing Pumpkins and grunge gurus Nirvana for their lack of success.

On a different note. In later reissues of Delaware the girl on the front cover has the gun in her hand air brushed out.

Drop Nineteens : Delaware

Ease It Halen
Kick The Tragedy
Baby Wonder’s Gone
My Aquarium
(Plus Fish Dream)

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