Revolver – Baby’s Angry

A compilation of early singles, an incomplete one at that. This means that completists like myself end up buying the EPs and maxi single anyway. It chronicles the first two years of the life of Revolver.

Influenced obviously by Ride, and a much more up-tempo and energetic than other shoegazing acts that dwelled in the early nineties. It is criminally underrated, not even really appreciated as a cult or underground album. Mat Flint’s vocals are strong enough to stand up and not be an unintelligible murmur, this was how most of the indie scenes songs were sung. Revolver were definitely into making songs with rhythm, tune, melody and surprisingly energy, rather than soundscapes.

Venice and Molasses are great rock songs, with a drum that hammers throughout the song. There is a surprising cover of Strawberry Switchblade’s, Since Yesterday. It does not quite match the original but it is still a treat.

Out of their two albums Baby’s Angry is the best. With more energy and less fiddly production.

Revolver : Baby’s Angry

baby angryVenice
Painting Pictures
Red All Over
Heaven Sent An Angel
Drowning Inside
Since Yesterday
Don’t Ever Leave

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