The House of Love (Butterfly)

A true masterpiece of indie music.  For a short time between The Smiths and The Stone Roses; The House of Love were going to take over the world.  It was a delicate blend of shoegaze and dream pop.  Lush fragile melodies with beautifully written songs.  This was there first album on the Fontana label and their third self-titled release.  At the time of release the band was is disarray, it had just lost Terry Bickers, who was against the signing to Fontana.  His departure at a motorway services from the tour bus and psychedelic guitar are legendary.  I think that his influence on the album is much deeper than anyone could imagine.

I think that every song on the album has been my favourite at one stage.  I seem to return to  I Don’t Know Why I Love You consistently,  and 32nd Floor is another that I hold dearly.

It is a very listenable album, and a safe bet that people are going to like it.  I have played this album when guests have come round, rather then reaching for a nice 12 minute version of Rollercoaster by Spacemen 3.  But instead of being middle-of-the-road it is a very subtle work.  It paves the way for bands such as Slowdive to use thick swirling guitars.

What amazes me is that when you listen to The House of Love you think that they would be quiet sensitive types, but this image was shattered after reading Alan McGee’s and the Story of Creation Records.  Alan McGee tells a story about taking bands like Primal Scream and My Bloody Valentine to the legendary Schoom club in Brighton.  This was their first introduction to House music and ecstasy.  While Gillespie and Shields would get into the music; Guy Chadwick would get naked.  Alan McGee would refer to The House of Love as’, “out of control”.

House of Love (Butterfly)

Shine On
Beatles And The Stones
Shake And Crawl
I Don’t Know Why I Love You
Someone’s Got To Love You
In A Room
32nd Floor
Se Dest

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