Cud – Leggy Mambo

Cud were my first experience of going to watch a band. Not exactly shoegazing stuff but it was a good first time.

They had a novelty band label that that held them back. This was partly due to Hot Chocolate and Jethro Tull covers. The ‘drummer from Cud’ was tagged as a Keith Moon for a generation, but the NME used the tag as the epitome of obscurity. I was so impressed that I brought a ‘Magic’ t-shirt.

Cud : Leggy Mambo

Heart CS476835-01A-BIG
Hey, Boots
Love In A Hollow Tree
Love Mandarin
Not Exactly D.L.E.R.C.
Robinson Crusoe
Eau Water
Carl’s 115th Coach Trip Nightmare
Syrup And Sour Grapes
Brain On A Slow Train

For those who don’t know; DLERC are like (but not exactly like) the initials of one of Carl Puttman’s former girlfriend. Maybe the song is not exactly about her? Or maybe DLERC fits the lyrics better.

5 thoughts on “Cud – Leggy Mambo

  1. You can’t beat a bit of Cud, ‘Eau Water’ remains one of my faves of theirs. I only recently rediscovered your site after the old one was taken down. A belated ‘welcome back Russell’.

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