Flood – Jealousy Comes to the Rescue

After all this time I am still no wiser about this band. This EP is from the Bournemouth band Flood. I purchased this after seeing them support Cud. I either read, or was told that the band members met at the Russell-Cotes Museum at Bournemouth.  One of the prospective band members worked at the museum and apprehended a man who he thought was stealing from the museum.  The thief was actually donating items to the museum and they struck up a friendship.  I cannot verify how much of that story is true, but it does sound true.  It was the most exciting thing that happened in the area, since Poole mod/punk band Tours released Language School in 1979

They had another EP called Honeymoon Striptease, but after that little is known about them.  They never even got a mention in any of my tomes, such as ‘The Great Alternative & Indie Discography’ or ‘The Virgin Encyclopedia of Indie and New Wave.’

Flood : Jealousy Comes to the Rescue

Jealousy Comes To The Rescue
Electric Start
Balancing Act
13th Word

5 thoughts on “Flood – Jealousy Comes to the Rescue

  1. I knew the drummer Graham Parker, I worked with him in London in 1991! Your story is true as Graham was working at museum, it was the singer who was leaving his stuff! Lol
    There biggest gig was supporting the stranglers at brixton academy in 91 I think! Lost touch with Graham in 92, but when I looked up his name, he wrote a world cup song with a band called the metatarsals !

  2. I was the photographer for both of their sleeves (and various demos for the previous iterations of their bands).

    Nigel Day & Graham Parker were students at the Dorset Institute of Higher education reading English & Media studies.

    Nigel (Tish) was my flat mate, as I studied Photography at Bournemouth and Poole college of art and design.

    The designer of the sleeves was Miguel Feurtado a designer I met during the beginning of my career as a photographer in London.

    Graham & Nigel were in a series of bands at college, and Flood was post uni from 1988-1992/3.

    Tish (Nigel) went on to produce various bands based out of Switzerland, but died tragically in 2010.

    Charlie Bloor and _?_ Collier were pals from another band and they all met at the old firestation where a lot of bands would perform back then.

    Hope this adds to the knowledge base.

    Steve I was at the Brixton Academy in ’91 when they supported the stranglers. It was a blinding gig.

  3. Oh and yes the story about Charlie Bloor leaving songs and written work a the Coates museum, with Graham becoming friends is 100% true as well.

  4. Thanks matt, yes it was a blinding gig, I remember graham being nervous on the day! We were both working in a warehouse that day! Rocknroll! Not! I remember us having to scrounge some penny’s to buy a pack of ciggies before payday! Lol, tragic news about tish.though, Graham was a lovely and probably still is, i was 21 from Liverpool working in London , probably thinking Graham was the coolest mate Id ever had! Loved him like a brother for that year, but he left London, no mobiles or internet those days, I kept an eye out in nme for gigs etc! But even though I only knew him a short time, I’m ,46 now, I still remember him fondly and would love to get inntouch in touch. Cheers steve

  5. I was a good friend of Nigel here in Switzerland. He produced an All-Girl-Band called The Dellilahs and after that another Band called Bianca Story. He was a good guy and I still miss him.

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