The House of Love – Spy in the House of Love

The House of Love deserved much more success.  With a minor fame with the classic Shine On, and with what was going on with bands like the Housemartins and the Railway Children. They looked set to take the world by storm.  With periods of inactivity at crucial times and activity at times when they were not in vogue stopped this band from becoming massive. Internal wrangling and heavy drug use were also to be blamed. My favourite album is Spy in the House of Love.  This album was released as filler while they worked on new material.  It is a collection of out takes and b-sides from around 88, there was just too much material for the Butterfly album and too much good stuff to get rid of. It is a beautiful album the reason I love it so much it is one of those albums that sound like the internal monologue inside my head.

The House of Love – Spy in the House of Love 

D Song ’89
Scratched Inside
Cut The Fool Down
Love II
Baby Teen
Love III
Soft As Fire
Love IV
No Fire
Love V


6 thoughts on “The House of Love – Spy in the House of Love

  1. a great band. but the butterfly album wasn’t their debut. some great music on here (‘Safe’ should’ve been on the 2nd LP).
    If you want the best of House Of love i suggest their 1st LP (on Creation Records) from 1988, with ‘Christine’ etc, and the Peel Sessions CD which contains the very best version of The Hedonist etc.

  2. yeah, an odd thing that they didn’t break bigger, I loved most of their stuff, even their final lp…..saw them here in the USA touring for the first Fontana LP, and they were great, but inconsistent, which probably hurt them in the end……thanks!

  3. Interesting that this is your fave HoL album. There are some great tracks here and it does play like a legitimate album rather than a collection of outtakes. Hmmm, have to give it another spin tonight I think.

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