Loop – Fade Out

This is just one hell of a bad trip; a torched blacked out sun where it ends? Such is the deep haunting psychedelia of this album, it could make most gloomy goth anthems quite cheery.  Sparse, minimalist and arguably their best album (although I am a firm believer in Wolf Flow as their greatest long player).

Repetitive fuzzy riffs, driven by the lead guitar are apparent throughout, with the exception of  A Vision Strain which has the most filthiest distorted wah propelling it.

The extras disc are a collection of alternate mixes, with some of the excellent Peel session tracks from Wolf Flow.   The original CD version had; Collision, Crawling Heart. Thief Of Fire /Thief (Motherfucker) and a cover of Can’s Mother Sky on it.  So it is debatable which would be the best version of Fade Out.  All except Mother Sky can be found on the Collision EP

Loop : Fade Out (Remastered)

CD1 :

Black Sun
This Is Where You End
Fever Knife
Fade Out
A Vision Stain
Got To Get It Over

CD2 :

Black Sun (Fade Out Session Feedback)
Torched (Fade Out Session Original Mix)
Got To Get It Over (Fade Out Session Original Mix)
This Is Where You End (House In The Woods Demo)
Pulse (John Peel Session)
This Is Where You End (John Peel Session)
Collision (John Peel Session)
Fade Out Guitar Loops I
Fade Out Guitar Loops II
Fade Out Guitar Loops III
Fade Out Guitar Loops IV
Fade Out Guitar Loops V

2 thoughts on “Loop – Fade Out

  1. Used to love Sk8bording to ‘This Is Where You End’ & ‘Collision’…
    wish i could still sk8, but im 42 now… awesome music still…

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