My Bloody Valentine – You Made Me Realise

You Made Me Realise EP was the first thing that My Bloody Valentine released with Creation Records, before all the animosity with Alan McGee and virtually bringing the whole company down. It is a five song classic that has the jangly pop of Isn’t Anything, the ethereal musicscapes of Loveless, plus the sonic attack of the title track You Made Me Realise. There are mini drum rolls, the feedback and distortion is cranked up. This song is the holocaust section of the live set. Chords are played in repetition at extreme noise level, this sound has been likened sticking your head in jet engine. Midway Still covered the title track, but they did not have the right lyrics. Kevin was quoted saying “They got absolutely all the words wrong except for the words ‘you made me realise..’

The next song Slow deals with explicit sexual content. Moving swiftly on the third song is Thorn is a jangly pop and yet distorted track. Pop melodies are in competition with the feedback. Cigarette in Your Bed is a hazy, dreamy and darkly sinister in contrast. Belinda Butcher sings alone, and it showcases what a great singer she is. The last song is Drive It All Over Me which features all the best parts of the EP. Colm Ó Cíosóig’s drum rolls, Belinda Butcher’s sung melodies combined with a touch of feedback, classic.

On the front cover the girl is holding a knife to her throat. I only noticed this years after I had brought the EP.

My Bloody Valentine -You Made Me Realise

You Made Me Realise
Cigarette In Your Bed
Drive It All Over Me

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