Slowdive – 5 EP

This is the moment shoegaze got into bed with ambient techno.  Slowdive extended themselves into ambient techno, which was the favour of the moment in 1993.  They really do pull it off.  In Mind is a ambient soundscape with a soft throbbing drumbeat in the background.  The vocals are straight from a 4AD band; they are ethereal and atmospheric, rather than distinct.

The next two songs are instrumentals. Good Day Sunshine is a deceptively happy title to some more atmospheric tinkling.  Missing You has a keyboard that sounds like a very soft organ.  There is probably a technical term for this; but you can probably guess, I out of my music comfort zone. This organ sound creates a darker gothic feel. Gothic in the gothic literature sense, not goth rock sense.

The last track is Country Rain which is regarded as one of their best.  It has slide guitar and is reminiscent of Beach House.  It  also shows the beginnings of the music that would continue in Mojave 3.

Slowdive : 5 EP

In Mind
Good Day Sunshine
Missing You
Country Rain


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