Catherine Wheel – I Want to Touch You

My favourite Catherine Wheel song ever, and the single has some great b-sides. Ursa Major Space Station appears on here first, before it was later reworked and rereleased on the album Chrome. This is a stripped down original version, it reminds me of Pearl Jam a bit.

The tone becomes even heavier with the dirty metal grunge riff of Collideoscopic. The single ends with Our Friend Joey a thrashy punk stomper that only lasts for a minute and a half.

Catherine Wheel had only been formed for two years when I Want to Touch You was released and it shows that Catherine Wheel had severed all links with the shoegazing fraternity and had gone to a rockier shore.

Catherine Wheel : I Want to Touch You

I Want to Touch You
Ursa Major Space Station
Our Friend Joey

3 thoughts on “Catherine Wheel – I Want to Touch You

  1. This is easily in my top 3 CW singles. My previous blog (A-B-Seasides) didn’t quite do the band the justice they deserved. I should have expanded further on what I put up for them. It still confounds me that none of the tracks from this single made it to the Cats & Dogs comp. Collideoscopic would have been a great addition while Joey would have settled in easily to that final smattering of punk tracks toward the end. Harrumph. Thanks for recognising this 4 track piece of lovely.

  2. Thanks, Rand. I am sorry that A-B-Seasides is not around anymore. I just wanted to say thanks for your Charlatans comp “The Other, Other Sides”. It completed my Charlatan discography. If you make a second coming back into blogging drop us a line.

  3. It’s my favourite Catherine Wheel song as well, also the first one I heard and had me hooked. I always associate it with this long distance love interest I had.

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