The High – More

The last High single to make it into the charts. It was before John Matthews was institutionalized and London Records were fined £50,000 for chart rigging. John Matthew’s escapade with the bottle of brandy and sheet of acid is indie folklore.  I am sure that I read this somewhere is the nineties, but I can’t find any reference to this at all.  When I saw Tom Hingley lead singer of the Inspiral Carpets appear in Exeter; I mentioned that I saw him 18 years ago with the Carpets supported by The High, he said ,“ they were off their heads.”

The High were the last UK band to be involved in a successful prosecution for chart rigging.   I seem to remember that their was a limited edition 10″ version of the single, that came in it’s own hessian bag.  It was advertised on the back of Melody Maker from Sister Ray or Eastern Bloc.  This was called More…Madness, and it had a Martin Hannett remix on it.  I have got the gatefold single which has a picture of the band.

The High : More

Four Thirty
Make It Happen

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