Thousand Yard Stare – Hands On

399387_10151963542405254_607076588_nI am talking about the Slough band not the band from Phoenix. Their home town status qualified Thousand Yard Stare to be part of the Thames Valley scene. The students loved them and they all looked like students. Long sleeve t-shirts and fringes. I had seen them a few times and was the proud owner of a ‘Stifled Aardvark’ t-shirt (see picture). Stifled Aardvark were the Thousand Yard Stare’s record label.

You could singalong to their songs and they were so catchy. Hands On the debut album is brilliant. A delightful blend of jangling guitars, catchy riffs and lovely melodies  More pop than the other scenester of the time. Buttermouth was a floor filler.

Thousand Yard Stare : Hands On

O-O a.e.t.
Last Up First To Go

2 thoughts on “Thousand Yard Stare – Hands On

  1. I’m 13 and TYS are my favourite band. Hands On is possibly the best album ever.
    Best song is either Seasonstream or Wideshire. I would like to congratulate you on making a brilliant blog. I have been interested in the 90’s shoegaze indie scene and this website has been very helpful in discovering new bands.

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