Ride – Smile

Ride did the very shoegazer thing of not just collecting EPs together, but releasing them as a mini album. Ride Smile is the first two EPs (Ride and the Play EP). It is a very raw sounding Ride with songs that are not as polished as their latter albums. This is part of the endearing quality of Smile. It would also be responsible for Steve (Lurpak) Lamacq comment that they sounded like, ‘the House of Love with chainsaws’.

Stand out tracks from the album are obviously Like a Daydream and the cathartic Drive Blind. At the local indie disco they used to play Chelsea Girl and this has particular fond memories for me. There is not a bad song on the album. This takes me back to a happier time when bands didn’t put filler on b-sides of EPs. I think that it would be hard to release a collection of EPs today.

Ride : Smile

Chelsea Girl
Drive Blind
All I Can See
Close My Eyes
Like A Daydream
Furthest Sense
Perfect Time

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