Silo Halo – Blackout Transmission

silohalo_promo-pic_band_2014Hailing from Washington-DC noise-pop merchants Silo Halo create electrically charged songs. Silo Halo are Alejandro Castano, Christopher Goett , and Greg Svitil.  The featured track is the title track Blackout Transmission, which to the untrained English ear are very reminiscent of Sister era Sonic Youth. The track’s powerful chorus features fellow Etxe artists Jon Glover and Caitlin Ollinger (Ars Phoenix), Steve Rubin (Girl Loves Distortion), and Svitil.

The other songs on the EP explore different styles, but they tend to show the bands more sensitive side. With dreamy melodies and delicate guitars.  Pinhole Camera reminds me of The High’s Somewhere Soon, fragile beginnings that build up stirring finale.

They played their first show in the Spring of 2010 under the name Night and the City. In the Summer of 2011, the band became Silo Halo. The band is self-managed and operates under the umbrella of Etxe Re­cords, an independent label founded by Christopher Goett and label partner Jenn Thomas in 2007.

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