Thousand Yard Stare – Comeuppence

This EP came out just before the debut album Hands On.  The lead song Comeuppance is not the usual catchy pop and singalong fare that fills that Thousand Yard Stare were renowned for.  It has a languid rhythm and Stephen Barnes swops his ‘cheeky chappy’ vocal style to a more serious tone.  Comeuppance is one of the few songs that is proper fringe wagging shoegaze from Thousand Yard Stare.

The other tracks are really good too. This is what Mappamundi should of been like.  The last track Standoffish ends suddenly.  Sounding like you are lifting the tone arm off the record before it has finished.

Thousand Yard Stare : ComeuppanceThousand+Yard+Stare+-+Comeuppance+EP+-+5-+CD+SINGLE-30448

Wish A Perfect



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