Ride – Going Blank Again

This was when, very nearly, shoegaze went mainstream. This album still had indie creditability, but was palatable for the casual listener. The sombre tones of Nowhere were replaced with happier shinier lyrics. None of the, “dreams burn down and choke me every time” lark. I have to say that I am more of a Nowhere fan. Going Blank Again is not haunting enough . Was it named after the introverted performances in the shoegazing scene? Christopher Gunson with creating the cover art for the album. The portrait is reminiscent of the face of The Green Man, a figure of urban legend. A man so ugly that he used to just go out at night.

It came out in the classic year of 1992, when all the best albums came out. Andy and Mark take credit for individual songs, instead of the usual “written by Ride”.

It kicks off with Leave them all Behind, this is a classic. It is so good that I find it difficult to remember the rest of the album. Chrome Waves is a little brother of Sennen. Cool Your Boots has been paraded as a shoegazing classic in some circles; I would disagree. The vocals are painful and hollow, even the energetic guitar and drumming do not save it. Mousetrap has a good guitar intro but suffers from too much “aaa aaaaaa aaa” in the lyrics, this is prevalent throughout the album. Making Judy Smile has a nice 60s Kinks edge to it. OX4 is an Oxford postcode, and a great song very hypnotic.

Ride : Going Blank Again

Leave Them All Behind
Not Fazed
Chrome Waves
Mouse Trap
Time Of Her Time
Cool Your Boots
Making Judy Smile
Time Machine


5 thoughts on “Ride – Going Blank Again

  1. I really liked this album. ‘Leave Them All Behind’ really is an amazing track and one that will be featured in my ’20 songs…’ series in the coming weeks. Still listen to the album occasionally and still enjoy it.

  2. Agreed, pretty-much on all counts.
    I strongly preferred what they were up to in the Nowhere days, and even prefer the Carnival of Light material to GBA.
    1992 was an incredible year, with The Boo Radleys, Medicine, Swervedriver’s “Never Lose That Feeling” EP, etc., but it certainly wasn’t Ride’s best year (IMO).

  3. love love LOVE this album. “Mousetrap” is one of the greatest songs ever IMO, I find myself singing it on the regular! It would have been terribly daunting to attempt to follow-up a classic (*CLASSIC*) like “Nowhere”, but I feel they very nearly achieve it with “G.B.A.”. Felt a bit disappointed with “Carnival of Light” (some good moments but overall doesn’t feel like a proper album to me), and can barely make it through “Tarantula”, but this….. just dream-fodder. Lovely.

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