Chapterhouse – Sunburst

This is a mature sounding EP from Chapterhouse as this was one of their first releases. The lead track Something More was not produced by The Cocteau Twins’ Robin Guthrie he did the softer version on Whirlpool. This is the heavy original that is as good as anything by Ride. Rumbling breakbeat drumming, dub bass line, with both droning and jangly guitars with angelic vocals on top of everything

Satin Safe, six minutes of noise that would be associated with Loop rather than Chapterhouse, saturated in feedback.  Rain is a Beatles cover, if you think of the fab four on a delay and reverb overload, that is about the size of it.  Feel the Same completes the EP and it brings the listener back to what are good at soft vocals and dynamic guitars.  Towards the end of the track there is a bit too much of a wig out, the Marychain would of been proud of this one.

Chapterhouse : Sunburst

Something More
Satin Safe
Feel The Same


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