Loop – Untitled (Edizione Limitata di 1000 Copie)

The history of this Loop live bootleg is largely unknown. The quality of the recording is fantastic, and the performance is something else. Before I heard this Wolf Flow was my favourite Loop album, but they seem to crank everything up a bit in this performance. It’s hectic and frantic they just about hold on to it.

Released in 1992, on double-LP and CD, this Italian bootleg was famously limited to 1000 copies. It is a complete concert from 1990, and features many tracks from A Gilded Eternity. The version of From Centre to Wave is a truly beautiful piece of work. Other versions are sonic landscapes, this is a battlefield.

Loop : Untitled (Edizione Limitata di 1000 Copie)

From Centre
Black Sun
The Nail Will Burn
Fade Out
Got to Get It Over
Burning World
Mother Sky

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