Ride – Nowhere

One of the seminal shoegazing albums and genre defining moments in early nineties. Ride were described as ‘the House of Love with chainsaws,’ by Steve Lamacq. It opens with the psychedelic Seagull, hazy guitars that build to a cataclysmic finale. Just listen to the controlled chaos of Laurence Colbert’s drumming.There is an atmosphere about the album. Dreams Burn Down and In a Different Place, have an intensity that slowly burns inside you. It could make you cry. Walls of sound rise and fall throughout this album.

The closing song is Vapour Trail. When that is played I am transported back to being a curtained haired 16 year old shuffling around the local indie disco.

In shoegazing circles they had everything. The were accomplished musicians, they had the look, they were outrageously cool and Mark had nice hair. There was not a single indie kid who did not like Ride. They were extremely popular with the student fraternity. This was well publicised by the Mary Whitehouse Experience .  It came out in the short period of time, that was the golden era of indie music.

This edition has the Today Forever EP included, which is their best ever release, this was a stopgap release between Nowhere and Going Blank Again.

Ride : Nowhere

In A Different Place
Polar Bear
Dreams Burn Down
Vapour Trail
Here And Now

3 thoughts on “Ride – Nowhere

  1. brilliant album, and amazing live, one of the best bands ever, thanks for all your hard work here, some fantastic stuff and memories for me,

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