Drop Nineteens – Mayfield

The Drop Nineteens album that was shelved for some strange reason.  It is rumoured that this was due to the master tapes deteriorating.  Admittedly the recording sounds rough.  This has split critics; some say that the poor sound does not have a negative effect on the recording, whilst others say it makes the record barely listenable.   In my opinion there are some really intense and interesting guitar effects, particularly on Shannon Waves, that really could of done with a decent recording.  But now we live in an age of digital recordings some the days of obscure bootlegs and demos are numbered.  The mystique of bootlegs has been lost, so Mayfield is a trip back to bygone age.

Drop Nineteens : Mayfield

Shannon Waves
Kissing The Sea
Pentatonic/Another Summer
Here Comes The Sun
Song for JJ
Back In Our Old Bed

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