Slowdive – I am the Elephant, you are the Mouse

slowdiveI used to think that only Spacemen 3 and Mogwai should do instrumentals. I was wrong, I am the Elephant, you are the Mouse is a film which Slowdive made the soundtrack to, and it contains instrumentals. It is a very mature work with a lot of depth.  The album sounds remarkably like the Cranes. In 1993 Slowdive and the Cranes toured Europe together. It is rumoured that Alison was written about Alison Shaw of the Cranes, and it is even said that she appeared in the video.

As far as I know the album has never been released. Which is disappointing as I would rate it as a great piece of work. As this is an unreleased work there is no apparent tracklisting or order.  I think that all versions of the album are essentially the same, but the songs have different names.  From example; sometimes a song is included called Ports Theme (Alternate Mix 1), on the version I have this song is not on there.  After listening to Ports Theme #1 on I Saw the Sun, I realised that that this sounded like Beginning, Part 2 on my version.  So it is likely that Ports Theme #1 and Beginning, Part 2 are the same song.

There is more mystery, is this a Slowdive or Mojave 3 release? There are conflicting ideas; “Mojave 3 arose from the ashes of Slowdive in 1994source, I am the Elephant, you are the Mouse was released as a film in 1994, Pygmalion (Slowdives last studio album) was released in 1995.  It is most definitely a Slowdive album, the song Cranium is a remixed collage of the song Blue Skied an’ Clear from Pygmalion.  There is also the link to the I Saw the Sun demos.  The sleeve notes in Pygmalion suggest that they were working on the soundtrack as soon as the were dropped from Creation.

Slowdive : I am the Elephant, you are the Mouse

Beginning (4 Parts)
Beginning, Part 2
I Believe
Cranium (Film Mix)
Like Up (Rough Mix)
Like Up
Painting / Lost
Riverman (Final Version)
Riverman 2#1
Riverman 2#2
Riverman 3#1
Riverman 3#2
Ambient (Alt. Version)
Watch Me (Film Mix)

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