Teenage Shoegazer recommends : Disappearance – cecilia::eyes

a2238543920_10At the moment I find the post-rock genre the most exciting thing that is happen in the music scene.  With many bands expanding the theme beyond the realms of the original sounds that were made two decades years ago. cecilia::eyes are a Belgian band consisting of Christophe Thys, Mike Colart and Gauthier Vilain on guitars, Xavier Waerenburgh on drums and keyboard, Pascal Thys on bass and Arnaud Bailly as a sound engineer.  There lastest album is Disappearance, the songs are instrumental but are much more grittier than there counter-parts, when the song Loreta opens I am thinking Spacemen 3, Things Will Never be the Same.

Massive heavy build ups, that layer delicate guitars over heavy chugging guitars, slow throbbing drums and plentiful cymbals.  It is a colossal leviathan, that does not necessarily work the same way as other post-rock acts, such as Mogwai.  Mogwai’s signature is the quiet, loud, quiet sound, but cecilia::eyes layer the sounds so that you can hear a huge distorted guitar riff, piano and cymbals all at the same time.

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