Loop – Heaven’s End

I am a big fan of both Spacemen 3 and Loop, and I see them totally differently. Loop’s music is very minimalist music with complex layers. It is still very hard sounding with metronomic drums and fuzzy guitars. The Loop can be summed up by Soundhead thumping drums that sound like canons. Wah saturated in reverb that is so raw your ears feel like they are going to bleed. Very hypnotic and dark.

While the work of other late 80s noise terrorists My Bloody Valentine and Spacemen 3 are celebrated. Loop has been forgotten. Even when the out-of-print albums were re released, not much was said. They had been out of print over a decade. News that they were being released seemed to only circulate around fan based websites.

If you still don’t believe; sit in a darkened room, crack open a bottle of Thunderbird and turn the volume up.

Loop : Heaven’s End

Straight to Your Heart
Heaven’s End
Too Real to Feel
Fix to Fall
Head On
Carry Me
Rocket USA
Spinning (Full Version)
Brittle Head Girl


2 thoughts on “Loop – Heaven’s End

  1. There version of ‘Rocket USA’ is way better than Suicide’s…
    & Straight to Your Heart is just a damn right Classic tune…
    I was only a teenager when i first heard LOOP on the John Peel show…
    Messed me up for life in a great-way!!!! Lol…

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