A Happy Christmas and a look back at 2014

In reviewing the past year it would be easy forget about all the other good things that have been happening and just focus on a couple of things; Ride reforming and the Slowdive gigs.  I have to admit this is very exciting. But this has managed to overshadow everything including The Popguns first release for eighteen years.

Other notable releases this year was by Mogwai, Sounds of Sputnik, Strata Florida and Morrissey.  Morrissey’s album World Peace Is None of Your Business, is the most un-Morrissey album ever, and I think it is great.  This album was released despite his recent health problems.

Who did I see in 2014?  In the early part of the year I saw Mogwai at the Royal Festival Hall.  In May, I watched The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion in Exeter.  I have to admit because that I did no know that much about them  and only went because they were the only thing happening in Exeter.  Now Acme is on heavy rotation in the Russell household.

Eventhough it’s not shoegaze at all saw DJ Shadow in 2014. What we originally thought was going to be at the Royal Festival Hall; turned out to be in a nightclub in Vauxhall.  A bit of an experience dancing for 6 hours (there was no seating in the nightclub) and 22 hours awake (you could hardly expect me to check into a hotel at 4am and stay for a couple of hours).

Have I already mentioned I appeared in the book What We Wore?

Well that is another year over good night, Happy Christmas and remember True Love Will Find You in the End

Wonderful Winter Festive Mix

Winter Wonderland : Cocteau Twins
Snow Showers : Trembling Blue Stars
Are You Coming Over For Christmas? : Belle & Sebastian
Snowscene : Northern Picture Library
Listen, The Snow is Falling : Galaxie 500
Frosty the Snowman : Cocteau Twins
Soft as Snow (But Warm Inside) : My Bloody Valentine
Frozen : Curve
Snowfall : See See Rider
Ice Skating At the Milky Way : Senseless Things
Christmas Steps : Mogwai


2 thoughts on “A Happy Christmas and a look back at 2014

  1. Agreed with the Popguns record, a nice surprise, as was the Inspiral Carpets comeback album. And as you say the Moz album was a good one too.

    Has the Exeter scene really slumped that much? Back in the day, I was in town two or three times a week at gigs. This was the early 90s mind…

  2. Ahh yes in the early 90s bands would do a 16 date tour of the UK taking in places like Exeter Cavern, Bristol Fleece and Firkin and Southampton Joiners Arms. Sadly it is much more useful for bands to get a video together for Youtube than it is to go on tour.

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