Cud – When in Rome, Kill Me

A piece of indie folklore and holy grail.  When in Rome, Kill Me has been touted as the only indie rock opera and the NME described it as sounding as if it was recorded in a shoe box.  This is the debut album Cud and released through Imaginary Records.

The first seven songs are linked by short narrative segments that tell a tale of crime and deception.  The story is narrated by Cud’s drummer Steve Goodwin’s landlord John Farrell and Elizabeth Cuthbertson.  The songs do sound a bit rough, and scratchy.  The mixing is a bit quiet and can be murky, but Carl Puttnam’s distinctive voice shines through.  The Cud quirky humour is already completely developed this is shown in the track Only (A Prawn in Whitby)

This song was supposedly inspired by a chance encounter by Cud’s manager with Morrissey.  The vegetarian Smiths frontman was tucking into a king prawn in a Whitby Chinese restaurant.  This story is now believed to be untrue.

Cud : When In Rome, Kill Me

When In Rome, Kill Me51Lfzs4kGtLOnly (A Prawn In Whitby)
Bibi Couldn’t See
Strange Kind Of Love
Push And Shove
The Day Crime Paid
When In Rome Kill Me Again
I’ve Had It With Blondes
Van Van Van
Vocally Speaking
Wobbly Jelly
Alison Springs
Epicurean’s Answer
Van Van Van (BBC Leeds Session)
I’ve Had It With Blondes (Demo)
BB Couldn’t C (3rd John Peel Session)
Strange Kind Of Love (Live BBC Sound City Sheffield)
Alison Springs (Unreleased Version)
Only(A Prawn In Whitby) (Carefree Sud)
Starry Eyes (Carefree Sud)
Vocally Speaking/Wobbly Jelly (Carefree Sud)
I’ve Had It With Blondes (outro from Wakefield BBC recordings)

Bomba Boy



One thought on “Cud – When in Rome, Kill Me

  1. Definitely my favourite Cud record… but why does it (still) sound so awful? I used to own it on vinyl and put it down to a badly pressed copy, but it sounds just as bad on the CD. You’d think they might’ve been able to salvage it with some sympathetic remastering, bits of it literally sound like they were recorded on toilet paper or something! 😉

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