Slowdive – Holding Our Breath

This might possibly been the defining Slowdive moment. It has everything that you would expect from Slowdive swirling guitars and dreamy vocals, it’s all about the atmospherics. Catch the Breeze opens the EP as it does on their debut Just For a Day. It has cascades of guitars washing all over it and quiet yet hard and definite drumming.

Golden Hair is a cover of a Syd Barrett song which was based on a James Joyce poem. Rachel Goswell sings the poem, you cannot make out any of the words. After the pem has finished the song and then it builds up to an almost ecstatic coda.

The jewel of the EP is Shine, an shoegazing out of body experience. This could be Slowdives greatest moment. Not a song that you can enjoy casually listening to. If you take the time to listen to it properly you can lose yourself in the soundscapes and space.

The finale is Albatross. This uses atmospherics in a dark and haunting way,which contrasts rest of the EP which is dreamy and floaty. There are tom tom drums beating away like a quickening heartbeat. The song has been likened to watching a tiger hunt in the jungle.

Slowdive : Holding Our Breath  

Catch the Breeze
Golden Hair

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