Spitfire – Electric Colour Climax

Spitfire’s second album in 1996 saw them submerge themselves further into a retro seventies stupor.  What started in Sex Bomb (their debut album), as retro kitsch wah had degenerated further into raw riffs, panting and openly suggestive.

The influence of The Rolling Stones is not in any way disguised in this release. At the time they were recording this Nick and Jeff Pitcher were DJing at The Basement nightclub in Brighton.  They were playing 60s and 70s garage rock; bands like the MC5, The Stooges and The Ramones.  Which would be a huge influence on them.  I Am The Greatest features a sample for an Iggy Pop live album, this sample is uncredited in the sleeve notes.  There is a hidden track on here which is amusingly tucked away at track number 69

The Spitfire ‘S’ World of Sport logo t-shirts became a fashion item.  Members of  Britpop bands Elastica, Menswe@r, Lush and Supergrass were seen wearing them.

Spitfire : Electric Colour Climax

Judy Garland
Hey Go Easy
Rubber Rosie
Electric Colour Climax
Rip My Sweetheart
Gemini Born Angel
Turbo Starbars
Gimme Ya Good Times
I am the Greatest
Give Blood
Shit City
Dead End
69 C’mon Get On (Hidden Bonus Track)


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