The Popguns – Snog

The Popguns were a Brighton based jangle indie band who were compared to The Wedding Present. It was often said that if The Wedding Present swapped Gedge for a female vocalist, they would sound like The Popguns. This was compounded by the fact that former Wedding Present drummer Shaun Charmen was a member of the band.

The sound is what you would expect of a pre-Madchester indie combo. Hanging on to the a shambolic scene; which is not a bad thing. Doomed as seriously radio unfriendly music, anti-mainstream and anti-stardom. It is still wonderful powerful guitar pop music with incredible melodies and a captivating mixture of melancholy and energy.

The Popguns – Snog

Still A World Away
Where Do You Go?
Put Me Through It
You Must Never Know
In My Head
Bye Bye Baby
Send Me Shame
Going Under

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