Loop – Collision EP

Collision EP was released just after Heaven’s End. This was when Loop were first getting noticed and causing a stir in the indie world in 1988. Collision features the song Thief Of Fire which was originally by The Pop Group and released on their 1979 album Y. Robert Hampson the lead singer’s and group founder member wife is on drums. Bex Hampson who was only referred to as Bex in the credits, has a very raw rough drumming style. This is the style of the EP, unpolished like a raw radio session.  
The World in Your Eyes compilation features the Collision EP. Much for the Loop back catalogue has been reissued in the bonus material, which is good for fans who had difficulty collecting the back catalogue, but disappointing for people like me who spent years of their life looking for EPs at Record Fairs.

Loop : Collision EP

Crawling Heart
Thief (Motherfucker)
Thief of Fire

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