Swallow – Blowback

The limited edition remix of Swallow’s debut album Blow. It was released in 1992 the same year as the debut. It is not just a companion to the album, it overshadows it. Blowback demonstrates that once the movement away from the John Fryer production took place, a substantial piece of work was created. Fryer is credited as the original producer, but that was before the remixing.

While the track list is essentially the same as Blow, the end product is completely different. There are songs that are just instrumental and other that are transformed. The effects of the album are essentially the same dreamy and ethereal.

It boasts a dub version of Peekaboo. I never noticed that it was a dub version until I read the CD cover. It is a 4AD version of dub, which sounds like a normal 4AD song with extra echo. Fuzzy guitar instrumental of Tastes of Honey is far superior than the original.

Swallow : Blowback

Oceans And Blue Skies
Head In A Cave
Tastes Like Honey (Instrumental)
Peekaboo (dub)
Sugar Your Mind
Follow Me Down (Excerpt)
Mensurral (Instrumental)
Cherry Stars Collide (Instrumental)


7 thoughts on “Swallow – Blowback

  1. it really is one of the best EPs ever released. The versions on here are so damn amazing, the often best the originals. I still curse the fact that they never were able to give a proper follow-up to “Swallow”.

  2. Awesome album, remember this when it came out.
    any chance of posting the original album???
    got the ‘Blow’ record but would love a mp3 copy of it…
    keep up the great work Sir.

  3. Recently discovered Swallow and trying to track down their ‘Soft’ download album released in 2009. It’s listed in Discogs but no trace of it anywhere. Thanks.

  4. Please…… any chance of posting the original album ‘Blow’ by Swallow???
    And any of there other records….

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