Chapterhouse – Rownderbowt

Rownderbowt could be seen as squeezing the last penny out of the shoegazing movement, Chapterhouse only released two albums and a handful of singles. The compilation was put together without the bands knowledge. But instead of flogging a dead horse, this album brings the best moments of Chapterhouse out. The first disc has the lead songs from every single, some tracks from both albums and a few b-sides thrown in. From just this disc you can understand why there was such a dedicated following.

The second disc is a collection of demos,rarities, remixes and unreleased material. There is a version of I’m Losing Touch with My Mind, it is very good. I would confess to being the biggest Spacemen 3 fan ever and I like this cover. Chapterhouse’s take on the song is faithful to the original, that is why it is so good. If anyone is wondering why I never write about Spacemen 3, it’s because I am not worthy. I revere their work so much.

The unreleased material was what the band could of become had they not split up. There is a remix of Picnic from Blood Music, and the Chapterhouse oddity Die, Die, Die. I had a black Chapterhouse t-shirt with DIE, DIE, DIE in white letters across the front. That was one of my favourite long-sleeve t-shirts of the time.

Chaptherhouse : Rownderbout

Disc 1

Falling Down
Sixteen Years
Something More
Satin Safe
She’s a Vision
We Are the Beautiful
For What It’s Worth
Don’t Look Now
There’s Still Life
Then We’ll Rise
In My Arms

Disc 2

Losing Touch with My Mind
Ecstasy II
Dream On
Until You Try
More Than I Can Take
Don’t Look Now [Sitar Trance Mix]
We Are the Beautiful [Spooky’s Ugly as Sin Mix]
Die, Die, Die

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