The High – Sweet Liberty

The swansong of The High and they did not exactly leave on a high either.  They were already suffering the indie backlash and declining interest so they sought a new direction.  As the world was taken by grunge, The High wanted a piece of the action.  This did not suit them at all.  They had been a brilliant melodic jangly band and now they were a mediocre rock band.  Although This Is Your Life is a great track, it is not a patch on anything on Somewhere Soon.  I sometimes wonder if The High were missing Martin Hannett’s production too.

The High – Sweet Liberty

Sweet Liberty
This Is Your Life (The Wonderknob Session)
Better Left Untold (The Wonderknob Session)


One thought on “The High – Sweet Liberty

  1. i felt exactly the same when i heard/bought it……here in the US, in Boston, i LOVED that first lp and “Box Set Go” was an awesome jangler…..came across this one at the time here in Boston at a Tower Records store, and was VERY taken aback when i heard it…my first thought was, what the heck happened? that jingle jangle was gone, but the sound was somehow still muddy and…blah! found the “Hype” release online a few years ago, which was their last full length, and it was ok, but agreed, not patch on the debut….too bad/

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