Electrafixion Live

In 1996 there was a lull in decent music.  We had to wait till 1997 for Mogwai Young Team and Spiritualized Ladies and Gentlemen.  Electrafixion filled the void.  Two of the Bunnymen grabbed music by the balls and embraced rock.  They gave themselves the name Electrafixion after Will Sergeant had a dream that Ian McCulloch was being electrocuted on a fence.    This 3 CD live album showcases how brilliant the Bunnymen were good live. It was attached to the release of Sister Pain. I was never fortunate enough to see them live, but judging by the album it was good.

Electrafixion : Live

Sister Pain – Edit
Zephyr – Live
Feel My Pulse – Live
Lowdown – Live

Sister Pain – Live
Never – Live
Holy Grail – Live
Too Far Gone – Live

Burned – Live
Loose – Live
Who’s Been Sleeping in my Head? – Acoustic
Sister Pain – Acoustic


2 thoughts on “Electrafixion Live

  1. I was lucky enough to see them at Shepard’s Bush in October of 1995, opening for the Boo Radleys. I was completely unaware of the Bunnyman connection, but was really impressed. I kept thinking “This frontman thinks he’s Ian Brown.” It was only later that I realized…

  2. I saw Electrafixion live at reading & they were awesome…
    They should have recorded more albums…. Stunning Stuff.
    This Burned should have been a ‘Bunnymen’ album, well worthy… Best album of 1996.

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